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Ah auwe.


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About us

Fraiche is a multifunctional party and concert hall in Vaals. A place where everyone can feel at home and participate in social events. Our passion is connecting people and create a society full of solidarity. Events take place in one of our facilities in Fraiche. Parties, concerts, cafe nights, rehearsals and other performances. With an adjustable concerthall with a capacity up to 650 people we are able to accommodate every event. 

The rich history of this building as a pop venue dates back to Friday 29 October, 1982. The former Spuugh foundation has organised fantastic events with a lot of famous artists at this location. Since 2006, the Fraiche foundation took over the organisation and continue to do so to this day.


Vaalser Weekblad, 29 October 1982 

A short impression of Fraiche Vaals

Completely run by volunteers whereby every individual contribute to this wonderful concept on their own way.

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Our  playground created by volunteers


Solar panels to help our world 🌎


Adjustable concert hall  🎛


Two entrances to split events 🚪

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