Fraiche is the party and concert location in the Euregio around Vaals. Fraiche regularly organises parties and concerts. Fraiche has one of the biggest and nicest concert halls in Limburg with a total capacity of 650.

Many DJs and bands have performed here since Fraiche is the new name of the former popstage Spuugh.

Beside the concert hall you can find the Fraiche Café, illness this café is open every Thursday and Friday evening. Events are regularly held in the café as well.

Business Hours

Concert Hall

The concert hall is only during events. Every month there are at least one or more parties or other events in the concert hall. Most events run from 22.00h to 04.00h. These opening hours are subject to change.


The Fraiche Café is open during the following hours:

Thursdays from 19.00h to 23.00h
Fridays from 21.00h to 02.00h

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